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About Me


My name is Robyn, the Stripper Seamstress.

Based in Eastern Pennsylvania, I was a dancer for 10 years before retiring to focus solely on sewing.  I've always loved clothes & dressing up.  One of my favorite parts of dancing was putting cute outfits together, some of my friends might say I was a bit too tedious about it. (I took up 2 lockers in the dressing room just to accommodate my 13 pairs of shoes!)

I originally learned to sew from my grandmother when I was 13.  Throughout my teenage years, I would make clothes for my friends & myself.  My sewing machine took a break when I started dancing, as I found a new passion in pole dancing.  Then in 2020 when the pandemic hit, I took it back up again to make masks while the clubs were shut down.  Soon after, a good friend and fellow dancer asked me to make her a Halloween costume.  With her push for me to get started, & through the support of many other friends from the club, I was able start this beautiful thing I like to call Robyn's Nest.

About the Nest

I strive to create outfits that make you feel beautiful, sexy, & confident. Each set for sale is either one of a kind or from a very small batch (less than 5).  So you can be sure your new look is as unique as you are! 


Don't hesitate to contact me for a custom made fit.  Anything from a bespoke microkini to a full feature costume, I'd love to create it for you!

Comfort is key. All my fabric is sourced with its feel in mind & all linings are made with hypoallergenic bamboo cotton.

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